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Family law matters such as a divorce or a legal separation are complex and emotionally challenging. It is crucial to have an advocate you can trust who will offer the skilled guidance to handle contentious issues and expertly negotiate your concerns in mediation or litigation. We pride ourselves on honest, practical, and quality family law representation in Peoria, Arizona.

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Chris Simonds

Attorney at Law

Chris Simonds is from Racine County, Wisconsin, and interned for the former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan twice. Chris practices both criminal defense and family law. He began his practice of family law in the Child Support Department. Chris and Kate love traveling internationally and exploring the Peoria area.

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Kate Simonds

Attorney at Law

Kate Simonds earned her J.D. in Michigan State University and studied comparative and international law in Australia and New Zealand. Kate works exclusively in family law and is proud of her experience as a judge-appointed Guardian ad Litem. She adeptly guides Peoria, Phoenix, Glendale, and Surprise residents with her knowledge.

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Barbara Mendoza


Barbara Mendoza has nearly 20 years of paralegal experience, mainly in family law. However, she has also worked in juvenile, estate planning, criminal justice, and personal injury. Barbara is the managing paralegal at Simonds Law Group, PLLC. She enjoys spending time with her family and seeing live music.

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Tina Kunka

Office Manager

Tina Kunka is the office manager of the law firm. She relocated to Arizona, looking to escape the cold Wisconsin winters. Tina has an impressive background in teaching elementary education and enjoys greeting clients at the firm. She is a team player and, in her free time, likes traveling,
hiking, and quilting.

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Our Divorce Services

When you enter the divorce process, the last thing that you need is an additional stressor. If your marriage is irretrievably broken, we will assist you with filing your documents with the court, finding a parenting schedule that works for you, determining child support or spousal support, and advocating for you in mediation or a hearing.

More On Divorce

Divorces that occur later in life are becoming more common. If you're going through a retiree divorce, our attorneys can assist with asset and debt division, alimony, social security, health insurance, and more.

There are alternative approaches to divorce. If you don't want to deal with the costly and long-drawn-out traditional method of divorce, reach out to us. Your case could be a good fit for "Divorced in a Day."

We have a system that is designed to help couples who are agreeable and want to be divorced quickly. Reach out to us to learn more.

Our firm can assist with documentation preparation during your divorce. Our system reviews your family's unique situation and works towards equitable solutions.

How Are We Different

From Other Law Firms?


We're Collaborative

We provide you with family law solutions. Our goal is to represent you with integrity, provide expert advice, and keep you informed at each stage of your family law matter, whether you are facing a legal separation or a contested divorce. Our family law attorneys are skilled in helping you achieve the best outcome for you and your family.


We're Knowledgeable

When you are faced with a family law matter, you need a knowledgeable family law attorney to represent you. Our attorneys provide trustworthy counsel in uncertain times when you are considering a divorce or establishing paternity, and we inform you of common issues at each step in the process while working diligently to relieve your concerns.


We're Flexible

We aim to innovate the divorce process. Not only do we maintain direct communication with you during your divorce, but we also provide a service to make divorce more streamlined and cost-effective. Our Divorced in a Day process prepares and files all your court documents for a flat fee in one day. In essence, you rent our entire office for a day.

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Providing Compassionate Assistance for Peoria Residents

We provide compassionate counsel to clients in all varieties of family law matters. If you have questions concerning the grounds for divorce in Arizona or need representation for an uncontested divorce, or perhaps you would like an attorney to support you through the adoption process, we are by your side. We assist clients in establishing eligibility and grandparents’ rights. We have also long been helping Peoria residents with Silver Divorce matters.

Chris and Kate strive to successfully represent your needs during one of life’s most challenging moments. When you need an advocate to fight for you and celebrate the wins, we are committed to easing your burden. Our firm has over 25 combined years of experience striving to achieve your family law goals and providing cost-efficient service. We will gladly discuss your case with residents in Peoria, Phoenix, Glendale, and Surprise areas.